Product information

The CAMO®ped is a therapy and training device for the functional mobilization of the joints via two lower leg holders attached to a guidance system, connected to each other by a transmission.

In contrast to motor-driven CPM rails, the healthy leg moves the injured contralateral side.

The exercise here is passive to a large extent, whereby the atrophied muscle groups are activated by the "cross-over" effect of a reciprocal application of force. During the course of treatment the patient can move both legs again. The combined active/passive movement strengthens atrophied muscle groups and enables an early functioning proprioceptive training of the joint-stabilizing muscles.
CAMO®ped is also suitable for the physical prevention of thrombosis and as a movement device in the internist field.

CAMO®ped can help to reinforce the result of surgery, involves the patient actively in the course of therapy and accelerates the course of treatment (see ATOS study).

Assembling the device:

Image1 Angle limiters
2 Cushion pads
3 Slider release mechanism
4 Foldable support
5 Ankle resistance
6 Shell release mechanism
7 Leg straps
8 Resistance settings